Ilagala Technical and Vocational Education centre for livelihoods and developing child protection systems

Ilagala Technical and Vocational Education is located in Ilagala village about 66 kilometers south of Kigoma on the lake side road towards the Malagarasi river ferry crossing. The village communities are engaged mainly in fishing, palm oil, beans and maize cultivation. It is an area of very low educational attainment. The drop-out percentage from schools is very high with a disturbingly high teenage pregnancy rate. Many youngsters are identified as vulnerable children, orphans and abandoned. The education systems in Tanzania is characterized by basic education from kindergarten to secondary education as well as university education. But there is no concrete system on Technical and Vocational Education that is connected with livelihoods of poor families in rural areas. The basic education has grown to accommodates almost all children but in some areas it is not easy for the children to enjoy the basic education fruit due to long distance walking and at the same time size of post basic education options available in Kigoma region is still very small and weak. In other words, both supply and demand issues to which the present form of post school is unable to respond adequately to the need of young people. There is a challenge of the ‘missing middle’ in the education systems and young people simply disappear to thin air after leaving school. A major challenge is the quality in teaching and lecturer, only few lecturers combine pedagogical competencies with technical qualifications and industry experience. Our intervention is to strengthen economic of young people through vocational training that offers practical based skills on tailoring, carpentry, masonry, welding, soap and batik making, chicken breeding, fish farming, coding, graphics, solar making as well as entrepreneurship and business management skills. Upon graduation graduates are grouped into groups and given start-up kits as a loan instead of a gift to allows them to start their ventures Supporting graduates through mentoring and grooming program and increasing access to new markets. The focus is on ‘Applied learning’ represents desired pedagogical approach to facilitate ‘walk the talk’ reflecting expectation. An ‘applied learning’ articulate and guiding teaching collaboration and integrating student in learning by ensuring assessment tasks are authentic and applied.