Campaign against extreme poverty, Starvation and unemployment in Africa

Due to shrinking economies of African Nations and terrorist activities across the region, there has been a threatening high rise in crime, Prostitution, Human trafficking, Child Labor, abuse, and other violent crimes across Africa states. These has generated global concerns and worries of various African government who have been overwhelmed by these increasing ugly trend. In finding solution to these menace, many Non-profit NGOs and Charity organizations are all over Africa to help control the evil trend, by running various Charity programs. THE THRONE OF GOD AND FIRE MINISTRIES a faith based organization see these as a big challenge to our ever growing young population and has continued to carryout various charity and community support programs across Nigeria as the largest black Nation on Earth. Due to the increasing number of displaced persons as a result of activities of Boko Haram and killer Herdsmen across the country thousands of men, women, little children and the elderly have been killed and several thousands driven out of their homes who are now seeking refuge in IDP camps across the country, these hundreds of thousands of displaced persons who needs urgent medical aids, food, cloths and shelter added to millions of others who are living bellow poverty line across African countries is a big global emergency that needs urgent attention. PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE AN AFRICAN LIFE TODAY.