OUR ACTIVITIES 1. A young boy who is an orphan by name Ikechukwu Aniekwe was sent to learn tailoring work which after the training, the NGO will set him up ie rent a shop for him and equip it. 2. The organization has unique charity projects of visitation to the less privileged. These have started since the month of June to December. June Visitation: We visited Ekwulobia Prisons were we fed more than 200 inmates with semolina and soup, pure water and my write-up titled “The Destitute, their demands, and the Lord’s Reward”. Key to salvation for them to read and do the work of charity. 1 July Visitation: We visited the Destitute Home, Okobaba Ebute Meta Lagos where they have lepers, blind, cripples, poor and Needy sections, we gave them cartons of a cabin, Idomie, detergent, Bread, bag of rice, tablets of soap, tissues, toothpaste and brush. They need more because they are many. Even articles of clothing. 2 August Visitation: We visited life Changers Orphanage Home 7th Avenue A.A. Close House 6 Festac Town Lagos with a bag of rice, a carton of cabin, idomie, tissue, detergent, Biscuits, sweets, pampers etc. The children were very happy, they sang nice songs and prayed for the progress of our NGO, wishing us our continuous visitation with more clothes, foodstuffs etc. 3 September Visitation: We visited God’s Care school for deaf and dumb No. 10 Onuorah Street Umuayom Awka with a bag of rice, cartons of idomie, cabin biscuits, we hadn’t enough but we decided to make it, have bread is better than none. We believed by God’s grace our next visit will be Eratanstics. They also prayed for us with signs. October Visitation: We visited Enugwu-Ukwu General Hospital on the 30th October seeing a widow who cannot afford to pay her hospital bills, even some treatment was not given because of money so we cleared the hospital bill N15,600.00. Another N5,000 for left overtreatment and finally N5,000 her take home for her feeding. Other women who had Negative – N which caused the death of the child so an injection worth of N35,000.00 must be given for her to have a living child in her next pregnancy, we gave N10,000 but on coming back tomorrow to make sure she takes that injection, the husband has paid and she has taken the injection I was very happy. Another sick widow was given N5,000 for 4 treatment N5,000 again to another woman to add to her bills HIV patient was also N2,000, another N2,000 to a school girl treatment. We were happy for the happiness of all these patients, we need more support to continue unloading peoples load. 5 November Visitation: This visitation will be on the last Sunday of this month empowering some widows in our environs for the upgrading of their business and therefore feeding and paying their children school fees. They even need foodstuffs, provision and clothing, and houses. December Visitation: We have to go through our streets giving them alms, provisions, cooked food in taking away containers, even pure water, and clothing if possible because of some need clothing. We have to do more if supported by donors sponsors etc. The organization has some monthly beneficiaries namely: 1. Elder Clement Echeta from Nri Anaocha L.G.A. Anambra State (blind) helpless. 2. Sister Nwakaego Okoye, Nnewi Ichi Anambra State (Spinal Case problem). 3. Sis Anulika Okoye from Nri an orphan (mentally disorder). OUR REQUIREMENTS 1. A piece of land. 2. Erecting a building petitioning tailoring, shoemaking, cater, computer sections. 3. machines for tailoring section. 4. Gas cookers/equipment for the catering section. 5. Computers/laptops, photocopying for computer section. 6. Generators. 7. Van for visitation too far and near motherless homes, prisons, leper/blind settlements also going for the hospital to pay bills for those that cannot afford to pay. 8. Furnishing our office. 9. A home for the motherless. We need sponsors/donors/affiliation to actualize our vision and dream.