The level of poverty among African families is so alarming that 80% of African children are either a drop out of school or not going to school at all. statistics have it that 8 out of 10 African children could not attend basic primary school due to lack of sponsorship or support from parents, those who could attend primary education could not proceed to secondary school because their close relatives who had promised to sponsor the child has eventually declined owning to dropping economic growth of most African nations. The second major contributor to this menace is the high cost of high education in Africa. a parent who earns less than $100 as salary Monthly can hardly afford to pay $150 school fees each term par child for a family of 4/5 children. So, the situation in Africa is critical and demands urgent intervention as the population of Africa continues to rise while par capital income is in constant decline. World Intervention in Education in Africa is critical. DIVINE SUCCESS is saddened by this ugly situation in Africa and as a way of intervening decides to initiate and sponsor a Compulsory Basic Education (CBE) for all African children and calling all global Charities to support this project to make take African Children off the streets back to classrooms. THIS IS OUR MISSION