DEWI, Is a Community Based Organization (C.B.O) Started to bridge the alarming rates of illiteracy, un employment and Chronic poverty in remote areas of Uganda. We work with the Children, youth and women. We empower them through practical skills training, group savings –SACCOs, entrepreneurship-Social enterprise set ups, school out reaches, modern farming methods, linking the community to career development opportunities (better jobs, scholarships, bursaries and mentors). In future, we are to set up a model vocational skills training Centre, secondary school and farm demonstrational centers in Magoggo village to be used as examples for what we want to replicate in other poor rural communities who are still struggling. Statistically, 60% drop out of primary school due to poverty and culture related issues, the 40 % finish primary but still, it’s about 5% who are able and can go to find secondary schools for they are very far (there is none in this community). This eventually stirred up the thirst to start up DEWI such that it can empower the majority who did not get a chance of being empowered academically. We do that by working with those who were not able to continue with school-dropped outs and currently un skilled –youths, women and then village schools. Our Theory of Change: We believe that if we equip people in poor rural areas with practical skills training, formal education, set up social enterprises and mentor ship, they will be exposed to opportunities that they had missed, get survival skills to become catalytic change agents that will lead to self-sustainable communities across Uganda.