How Do I Earn $GOOD Token Rewards?

  • Charity Coordinators Provides three vital functions: verifying that the charities are legal and ethical entities, assistance with projects, and provide documentation that the charitable projects were completed. Meet our CharityCoordinators
  • Earn Charity Coordinators earn 1% of Bitcoin per charitable project they manage. $GOOD is held in escrow until they have registered ten charities and have successfully managed and verified two fully funded projects. At this point they will receive 300 $GOOD and a new cycle begins. Bitcoin is not held in escrow but the milestones have to be reached each time to receive $GOOD.
  • Charity We welcome large and small charities but our core focus is on the smaller charities that lack the necessary resources to provide needed services. Small charities in remote parts of the world face a difficult challenge of creating awareness for their services and the creditability for donors to feel safe while giving to remote unknown charities.
  • Earn Approved charities post projects to fulfill their core mission with two funding goals. Immediate funding goals are delivered in Bitcoin as soon as they are donated. $GOOD funds or Volunteer reward funds are sent to that volunteer’s escrow accounts. Charities are required to monitor and verify that volunteer hours have been completed. Project must be signed off by the charity coordinator so that it is complete and pushed to the blockchain. Upon full completion and having reached both goals the charity will receive 100 $GOOD as a reward.
  • Volunteer The lifeblood of Commit Good is volunteer’s! Our goal is to create a charitable economy by rewarding acts of service. We are monetizing good deeds and hope to create more good deeds. Volunteers can choose to donate the $GOOD rewards back to their favorite charity, individual, or hold for themselves.
  • Earn Volunteers receive 10 $GOOD per Hour and must reach 40 hours through at least two different projects before they are released from escrow. 400 $GOOD. Upon completion the cycle starts again.