Governance & Dynamic Rewards

  • Charity
    • 1 Fully funded project, execution of that project completed and signed off by Charity Coordinator so that its “certified” and sent to the blockchain (100 $GOOD).
    • Receives $GOOD charitable donations.
    • Receives 50% ($GOOD) of NFT purchase price per campaign they lead.
    • Receives 10% of NFT resale purchase, from previous campaigns, for life of NFT.
  • Charity Coordinator
    • Successfully Register 10 Charities and 2 Fully Funded Campaigns.
    • For 10 Charities they will receive (100 $GOOD) and 2 Fully Funded Campaigns (200 $GOOD).
    • The $GOOD will be held in escrow and released once both milestones are complete.
    • Once released the Charity Coordinators are eligible for another round of milestone $GOOD rewards.
    • Per charitable project they are assisting, they will receive an immediate 2% ($GOOD) of NFT purchase price.
  • Volunteer
    • Successfully complete 40 hours of verified service through the Commit Good mobile app (400 $GOOD)
    • $GOOD is held in escrow until 40 hours are reached.
  • NFT Creator
    • Creates NFT images that are specific to a particular charitable campaign and determines the initial price.
    • Receives 40% ($GOOD) of NFT purchase price.
    • Receives 10% ($GOOD) of NFT resale price for life of NFT.