How do I earn tokens?

  • Joining Commit Good

    All new charity registrants will be rewarded with 2 GOOD tokens for their account creation.
  • Referring others to Commit Good

    Each time a charity is referred to the Commit Good platform the referral rewards the member with 2 GOOD tokens.
  • Fundraising Campaign>

    Donors will be awarded 3 GOOD tokens for each donor donating $100+, 2 GOOD tokens for every $25-$99 donation, and 1 GOOD token for $10-$24 donation.
  • Donating

    Donors will receive 3 GOOD tokens for any in-kind or monetary donation valued over $100.
  • Dispute Resolution

    Mediators will be awarded 3 GOOD tokens for reviewing and settling a disputed marketplace transaction.
  • Delivery

    Earn 50 GOOD tokens for any item over 50lbs picked up and delivered within 20 miles. Earn 25 GOOD tokens for any item picked up and delivered under 50lbs within 20 miles.
  • Volunteering

    Receive 1 GOOD token for at least one hour of volunteering.